The Community Marketplace of the Monica Society
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The purpose of the marketplace is for generation of funds in support of the Monica Society of SSMA and governing projects through providing access to goods and services that reflect the skills, interests, disciplines, practises and principles of our members, particulary those who are members of the Monica Society.

The heart of our community and a concurrent need to formulate ways of embracing the values of the project evolved in a way that makes sense to women with complex, demanding lives so that their formation in embracing submission is anchored in a set of principles that support their choices. The principles of surrender can be made to strengthen, augment and support their wishes to live according to the principals of submission.

Our formation is predicated on obedience, and obedience is impossible without disciplines. Disciplines are not burdens to us. Rather, we embrace them as opportunities. We frame our days around our diciplines and we measure our progress in formation according to how often and how reliably we are able to find the peace, happiness and satisfaction that comes from obedience.

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