Questions posed to the Monica Society
The purpose of this site is to provide information to others. We have provided the information we have felt is important to our members to know. The questions provided are only a few which could be on your mind. If there are other questions you have and feel should be listed here, please let us know by contacting us. A community representative will get back to you as quickly as possible.

For answers to the questions below, simply click on a Q
    Q - What is the purpose of The Monica Society?
    Q - Who was St. Monica and why is the Monica Society dedicated to her?
    Q - Is the Monica Society a Christian Organization?
    Q - What denomination(s) is this site affiliated with?
    Q - Is the Monica project founded on Biblical principles?
    Q - Is there a general statement of theological beliefs that apply to the Monica Society?
    Q - What kind of spirituality is advocated by the Monica Society?
    Q - Do I have to be a Christian to belong to this community?
    Q - Why is this site so sexual?
    Q - If I am uncomfortable with some of the spiritual philosophies or sexual behaviors
            that are discussed in here, what should I do?
    Q - What is SSMA?
    Q - What is the Monica Society's connection to the Submissive Wife Project?
    Q - Why can't I see the private pages devoted to some of the resources and research?
    Q - What is the Monica Society's position on feminism?
    Q - How will my involvement with the Monica Society influence my marriage?
    Q - Can my husband and I participate in this together?
    Q - How do I know if becoming involved in the Monica Society is right for me?
Last update: May 2009