The Monica Society answers your questions
10If I am uncomfortable with some of the spiritual philosophies or sexual behaviors that are discussed in here, what should I do?
Frankly, if you are considering any kind of active involvement in our community, you should fully expect this to happen. In most cases, discomfort is a sign that you need to look deeper. Faith that is never challenged does not have much of a context in which it can grow. So we suggest you look at this kind of discomfort as an opportunity for growth.

One of the things that makes growing in relationships fruitful is the opportunity to encounter both people and ideas that are very different from yours. If you are being challenged, this a sign that there is probably something you need to explore in more depth. First and foremost, we suggest that you use discomfort as a signal to go to prayer and ask for help in looking inward and looking honestly at your own heart.

Secondly, you should consider how you might bring your own discomforts forward with the intention of trying to discover what is being shown in your own. Simply telling someone else that you are offended by their approach to either spirituality or sexuality is not useful. However, transparency with the intention of personal reflection can be a good tool in helping you to discover the things that are being exposed in your own heart.

Most women are surprised to find that it is their propensity towards fear and judgement (of self and others) that is threatening their spiritual growth far more than something that is present in their sexuality. However, it takes a significant amount of time and reflection to discern these strong but very nuanced feelings.
Last update: May 2009