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12What is the Monica Society’s connection to the Submissive Wife Project?
Both projects are sponsored by SSMA.

There are similarities between both projects (i.e., the principle that experience precedes understanding, an emphasis on formation through the embracing of disciplines, and a space cultivated to explore both spirituality and sexuality), they are also quite unique and distinct from one another.

While MS approaches the general mission of SSMA with an unapologetic focus on spirituality, prayer, and patience; SWP is approaches the same mission with a more direct emphasis on overt and expressions of intense sexual needs. Both projects offer approaches that are not commonly found elsewhere. The intense focus on spirituality particularly the disciplines and connections that have Christian origins can be very threatening and even provoke fear in women who have a desire to own their deeply felt but somewhat unconventional sexual instincts. Likewise SWP’s emphasis on a variety of sexual explorations can be a little threatening to women from conservative backgrounds.

Other differences in approach exist as well in the formation process that is offered by each project and the amount of discretion required to participate in each project. Some women participate in both projects but this is not expected nor is it the common occurrence as each project really is designed to meet a unique set of needs. If something about one project makes you too uncomfortable to participate, you should not assume that the same approach is going to be taken by another. Each and every project that is sponsored by SSMA functions independently of the others.

In order to help you set realistic expectations and in order to understand some of the cultural differences in both projects members of both SWP and MS are encouraged to seek guidance from a community representative before seeking active participation in both projects. Some resource pages can be made available to women who seek to be involved in both settings.
Last update: May 2009