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14 What is the Monica Society’s position on feminism?
“Feminism” is another term that in actuality is defined in very different ways. However, it is quite obvious even from a casual reading that the Monica Society does support some roles that have been dubbed “traditional” by certain streams of culture. It is certainly not our desire to repress women in any way. In fact, most of the women who come to us are surprised at how empowering they find the process of owning their instincts really is.

While you will find some of the women in our forums discussing words like submission that have become difficult for women in contemporary culture to embrace, you will not find any form of subservience advocated here. We do believe women should have voice in their lives; we simply believe our voices should exude respect and love for others. The women who participate here have a wide variety of experiences and many of them have very highly regarded careers as professionals and advanced educations. Many of the women here also have chosen to be home with small children in a culture that does not widely embrace this choice. The honest approach to understanding her body and sexuality is also a focus that we hold in common with many women who label themselves feminists.

However, all of SSMA’s projects in some ways also support the desires for surrender and traditional roles in relationships that are not commonly regarded in much esteem in contemporary culture. Perhaps the thing that distinguishes us from other organizations is that we do not see the ideas mentioned in these paragraphs to be mutually exclusive in any way.
Last update: May 2009