The Monica Society answers your questions
2 Who was St. Monica and why is the Monica Society dedicated to her?
St. Monica was the mother of St. Augustine and is mentioned at length in many of his Confessions. She was born around the year 322 in Tagaste and was raised in a devout Christian family. She married a very difficult pagan man named Patricius. St. Monica’s patience in handling her marriage and her persistence in prayer is noted in Augustine’s Confessions. It was said of her that she avoided his wrath and taught other women to do so by maintaining a quiet, patient, and gentle demeanor. She is also known for her intercessory prayer life which is attributed the eventual conversion of Patricus as well as that of St. Augustine. Many wives who find themselves in difficult marriages and mothers of prodigal children find can find hope in Monica’s story.

St. Monica’s life of prayer and patience is something that we believe is inspirational to women today. The Monica Society is an extension of years of work with women who have come together seeking to improve their marriages and family lives through patience and prayer. Even those who feel they have somewhat stable home lives have found that the development of patience and balance is needed and not easily cultivated in modern society. So, this community has been launched in response to the inspiration that St. Monica’s legacy gives to those of us who seek a faith that is deeply enriched by the prayerful embrace of the virtue of patience.

St. Monica is held in reverence in a variety of Christian Denominations…for more information on her legacy and her commemoration dates we invite you to explore the following links.

Last update: May 2009