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9 Why is this site so sexual?
When faith is present everything becomes possible, everything.

The self examination that comes from a deep, reflective journey of faith will begin to make a woman more aware of the ways that she has impeded faith even in her previous efforts to connect with it. In truth, there are zillions of ways we all qualify faith, diminish it, and block it by making it contingent on one thing or another.

This process of unraveling these things is tedious, fearful and even painful. One of the most obvious and natural manifestations of spiritual growth exists in an increased awareness of a woman’s sexual the disconnection most women feel between their spirituality and their sexuality.

It is not uncommon for a woman to become aware of her deeply held sexual desires and instincts as she begins to explore her faith with depth and honesty. Most women need a safe place in which they can begin to integrate their sexual needs with their spiritual needs.

While we do not advocate licentiousness and indulgence of any kind, we have found that most women are suffering more from repressing their sexuality rather than embracing it. We do not believe that it is useful or healthy for women to exist in a state of disconnection. Therefore, if we are going to encourage women to deeply explore their spirituality we must also provide a sacred space in which each woman can also honestly explore their sexuality without false hindrances with a faith that is completely bowed and obediently directed by her Creator.
Last update: May 2009