"Prayer is naught else but a yearning of soul...when it is practised with the whole heart, it has great power."
~ Mechthild of Magdeburg
While many women are familiar with prayer as a concept, relatively few express an understanding of the role prayer plays in the development of spiritual intimacy. Even among those with extensive religious training, it is not uncommon for a woman to indicate a desire to learn how to pray in depth.

Although prayer is a profoundly mysterious spiritual activity, it is also a skill that can be acquired with training and disciplined practice. For over a millennia, the science, art, and practice of prayer has consumed the lives of mystics dedicated to the pursuit of spiritual intimacy. While these practices are not commonly taught in most churches and religious institutions in contemporary society, they have certainly not been forgotten. And the fruit of their use remains constant in an era of chaos and change.

A life of prayer must become the essence of any woman who desires a renewed heart. The disciplines of prayer offered here are intended to train the heart to not only be aware of the soul's yearning, but to fill its emptiness with nothing less than the very presence of God himself.