"I only wanted it when you said I couldn't have it, and then I wanted it immediately." - p.
Watchfulness and Patience.
Patience is defined most often in texts as "long-suffering." The virtue of patience is one that is not easily embraced, particularly in contemporary Western Culture. For women, the most intense form of suffering they experience is most often relational in nature.

The virtue of patience is rarely considered but much needed in a woman's desire to find wholeness, both within herself and in her relationships with others. In order to embrace patience, a woman must be willing to let go of many of the false attachments and comforts that she may have been using to fill the void of emptiness that results from weaknesses in relational living.

It is in our basic nature as human beings to avoid the painful sense of loneliness that accompanies the emptiness of one's soul. However, this emptiness is something that must not only be faced but embraced if spiritual transformation is to occur.

Watchfulness is the unique gift we are given to foster the state of patience required as we make the choice to abandon attachments to false idols, embrace the pain of emptiness, and wait to be filled by the tangible reality of spiritual intimacy.