"This shadow, beneath which is hidden the power of God for the purpose of bringing forth Jesus Christ in the soul, is the duty, the attraction, or the cross that is presented to us at each moment. These are, in fact, but shadows like those in the order of nature which, like a veil, cover sensible objects and hide them from us. Therefore in the moral and supernatural order the duties of each moment conceal, under the semblance of dark shadows, the truth of their divine character which alone should rivet the attention." ~ Abandonment to Divine Providence
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The women who participate in this community are strongly encouraged to understand their instinctual desire to surrender in a variety of holistic contexts including their sexuality. The text resources gathered here may not reflect completely the philosophical framework the Monica Society uses (in fact, some are antithetical to it), but they will provide some basis for an intellectual exploration as you proceed through the stages of your personal journey.

This cluster of resource lists has been developed over time. Its purpose is not to give an exhaustive review of the material we are expected to understand. It is, instead, a list of texts and other material found useful in our formation as a surrendered woman. Each of the titles contained within a category is a live link to either the resource itself or to a supplier from whom the book may be ordered. Members may be asked to augment this material in various ways, depending on what is determined to be most useful. Some texts describe practices and concepts not embraced by our Monica Society.

It's expected that each of us will ask any questions she may have about this material. It is assumed that, aside from some of the more esoteric texts, most members will already have been made familiar by virtue of previous education with many of these sources, but that the context of this instruction will add value to familiar readings. The members in the Community will not be quizzed or examined on this content or pursued to absorb it; these resources do not constitute a curriculum or required reading. As with every aspect of this community, you must want what is offered. This list changes from time to time. Updates are generally not announced, but a datestamp appears at the bottom of each page showing the date of the most recent change.

If you have any questions or need additional guidance, please contact a community representative. There is a public community associated with these pages. To visit it, please click here.
Last update: March 2010